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Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

When you’ve decided it is time to move and don’t have the time to prepare your home for that quick sale, consider home staging. This does not mean a total redesign, it does however, require a serious plan to make your home inviting and desirable to prospective buyers.

So, where do we begin?

The first step to successful staging is to clean out and declutter. Remove all piles of newspaper, magazines, third class mail. Put all folders back into your office space. Clear off dressers and bathroom vanities. Clean up the laundry room. Rid the space of extra baskets and move extra bottles of soap into cabinets or down in the lower level on shelves. Neatly organize all closets, especially the master closet and main coat closet. Give prospective buyers the opportunity to visualize their belongings in large, clean spaces.

Depersonalize! Remove all family photos from tabletops and bookcases. Take a look at your fridge. Is it plastered with soccer schedules and coupons? Get rid of those too. Sort your child’s artwork into folders and store in bins that are out of sight. Sort your children’s shoes and donate outgrown hockey skates and soccer shoes.

Take a walk through your home and remove large pieces of furniture. The idea is to showcase the home, not your inherited, oversized coffee table. Make the spaces in your home appear to be more spacious. Purchase new throw pillows and remove heavy draperies. Let as much natural light in as possible. If you have a fireplace, clean the bricks and remove any accumulations of ashes. Neatly place a few logs in a large basket nearby.

Think about painting. Paint your rooms a soothing, warm, neutral color. Choose a shade that will appeal to most buyers. So, if you have a wall in your great room painted red, neutralize it. Repaint your master bedroom in a soft color and then paint the master bath two shades deeper. Buy a new duvet in white or ivory and keep patterns limited. Have your carpeting cleaned and wash any throw rugs… or just get rid of them. If your dining room is formal, set the table with your finest china. Your prospective buyers will want to see if they can entertain here. Remove large pieces of artwork too, so the new owners can imagine their artwork on your walls.

To sell your home quickly and get your asking price, you need to prepare. A few days staging will pay off in the end. The day of your first open house, purchase fresh flowers for the dining room and another bunch for the coffee table. A large basket of apples or lemons should be placed on the kitchen countertop. Remember to make your home smell inviting, crumble chocolate in a glass dish and place in a very low oven. The take away here is appeal to all the senses. Put on a classic CD, make away plans for your kids and yourself. Hand your home over to your real estate agent, and relax. With any luck, you will quickly hear the word… SOLD!

More Information About Kitchen Décor Ideas For Every Season

As the seasons change, your home décor changes also. This applies to the heart of the home, AKA the kitchen. While you may not see your kitchen décor as versatile, you may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of ways you can dress up your kitchen for the seasons.

Seasonal kitchen decorating ideas are easy and fun to incorporate into your home. Most are cost-effective and can be used year after year. Here are some unique kitchen décor ideas you can use in your home.

A well decorated kitchen starts with an update. Contact a kitchen remodeling contractor today for up to four quotes from pros in your area, for free.

Kitchen Decorating Tips

A well-designed kitchen is made for both cooking and entertaining. That’s why kitchen decorating is so important. Many choose to gather in the space to take in the fabulous smells of something baking while enjoying great conversation. The kitchen counter is often the first place homeowners turn to when they are decorating their kitchen, with numerous options available. But don’t forget about your kitchen accessories and spaces above cabinetry. Overall, here are a few tips to create a well-decorated kitchen:

  • Keep it clutter free. Remove any items that are unnecessary such as piles of paperwork or spare change.
  • Function comes first. Don’t include any décor that will get in the way of your cooking area.
  • Keep flammable objects away from your stove, toaster or other hot appliances.
  • If you’re using fresh produce or plants for decorative purposes, you will need to change them out regularly so your kitchen doesn’t develop an odor.
  • Dust and grime is not decorative. Be sure to clean your kitchen regularly for a fresh look.

Spring Decorating Ideas

When you think of spring, what do you think of? Usually, the first thing to come to mind is flowers for spring decor. A vase of beautiful flowers can brighten up any space, especially the kitchen. Choose flowers that are in season, such as tulips or daffodils, to display on your countertop. Exchange worn dishcloths and tea towels, for ones with bright pastel patterns. A floral candle can help boost the look and aroma of spring in your kitchen.

This might be a great time to freshen up your kitchen window décor. Change your curtains for a lighter fabric that can let the sunlight in. Sheer pastel curtains will be the accent your kitchen needs this spring.

Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer in your kitchen can get sticky, with popsicles and ice cream being a common treat to cool down. Keep your kitchen looking and feeling clean during the summer by incorporating fresh lemon scents. Stop by your local farmers market and pick up some in-season fruits and produce to display in a basket on your counter. Not only will it be out when you need a snack, but it’s also a beautiful reminder that summer is in full swing.

If you long for the beach this summer, but can’t get there yet, incorporate some nautical elements into your kitchen décor. Look for beach themed napkins and nautical pot holders to include in your summer kitchen décor, as well as a beach-themed dishcloth that you can change with the season.

Fall Decorating Ideas

After a hot summer, fall can be certainly refreshing, which is why it’s a great time to refresh your kitchen. Decorating with pumpkins is a popular way to spice up any room in the home, especially the kitchen. While the classic jack-o-lantern will make anyone smile, you can dress up a few pumpkins with glitter and create a unique centerpiece on your counter.

Decorative wax melts are a unique way to dress up your kitchen while adding a little fall scent into the air. They come in all sizes and shapes so you can find your favorite fall decorative element to add. Simply use an unscented tea light to heat up your wax and fill the air with a cozy fall scent.

In spring, you may have exchanged your kitchen window curtains for something light, bright and floral. Cozy up your kitchen for the cold weather with a darker hue such as brown, dark orange or red. These will keep things warm as it gets cold outside.

Christmas Kitchen DecorWinter Decorating Ideas

There might not be a busier time in the kitchen than the winter. Scents of holiday treats fill the air but a candle is always a great decorative element when there aren’t cookies baking. Consider using festive dishes and flatware for the holiday season.

If you have space above your cabinets, you have plenty of space to incorporate winter décor! Use fake evergreen branches to adorn the top of your cabinets. If there’s an outlet nearby, consider including Christmas lights!

Some New Laundry Room Ideas

Like it or not, your laundry room is a space you’ll have to spend time in. Often, it’s a room that’s forgotten about because of all the chores that must get done. But by improving your space, you can change the way you think about the housework that must be done.

From laundry room organization to simply sprucing up your space with a coat of paint, there are many ways to change how you tackle your housework. See a few laundry room ideas to make your daily or weekly chores much easier.

Laundry rooms can be small and oddly shaped in some homes. For the best paint job, it’s best to leave it to a professional. Contact a painting contractor for up to four quotes from pros in your area for free.

1. Laundry Room Color Ideas
Though doing laundry is a task most of us dread doing, you can make it a little easier by changing up the color of the space. Bright, cheerful colors do well here or a clean white pallet with brighter accents. The average cost to paint a home interior is $1,679, with most homeowners spending between $1,130 and $1,826. However, since most laundry rooms are smaller than other rooms in the home, you may not need to spend quite as much.

Think patterns for your laundry room. A bright accent wall or painted stripes can be the perfect way to dress up a small space with a burst of color. The laundry room is a great place to experiment with color and styles. Get creative in this space!

2. Laundry Room Storage Ideas
Since laundry rooms are generally small spaces, the storage available is critical. Drying racks, ironing boards and other loose items frequently take up usable space in the room. Wall-mounted drying racks and ironing boards can be a great way to store these items and save space where you need it most. Create a shelf to host all of your laundry supplies, with special sections for each one. This can be as simple as an easy to reach shelf to a small cart that can move as you work.

Loose items, such as change found in shirts and pants, can often be a problem for your washing machine. Many of us empty them out on the spot, leaving a pile of pennies and quarters just growing by the laundry load. Add to the room’s décor and storage with a cute display to collect all the loose coins. It’s a simple DIY project that’s a great way to solve this common problem. See the tutorial from Blonde Ambition.

3. Laundry Room Cabinets
Cabinetry is an essential part of any laundry room for both style and storage. These can help keep items out of sight and your laundry room looking clean. The right cabinets can make your laundry room more functional, simply by storing items properly. The average cost to install cabinets is $4,305 with most homeowners spending between $2,413 and $4,641. However, since you may not need as much cabinetry as other rooms, this can cut costs significantly.

4. Laundry Room Wall Décor
Your laundry room should be fun and whimsical, even if the task at hand is not. Vintage washing boards and wood signs as wall décor are a great way to get the look. Floral pattern prints are a great way to add a whimsical style to the space.

A popular trend in laundry room wall décor right now is simple, framed prints. You can make these easily yourself simply by finding a printable you love and hanging it in your favorite stylish frame. A great place to start is, with eight of their favorite laundry room printables.

5. Laundry Room Rugs
The last thing you want when getting the washing done is cold feet! Laundry room rugs can make you comfortable and the room more stylish. From cute, personalized laundry room rugs, to standard floor runners, the options are endless. However, because you’ll be working around water, a waterproof rug is suggested so you know that regardless of any spills, your rug will stay looking great.

6. Laundry Room Organization
When you’re ready to get to work, throwing everything in the washing machine at once is not always the best plan. Most separate our clothes into various piles such as lights, darks, whites and delicates. Rather than just throwing them on the floor, have separate bins for each one. This can be part of the cabinet system you choose, for better storage, or you can get specialty hampers that can assist in keeping all the items separate. So, you’ll never have to worry again about that one red sock finding its way into your load of whites.